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About DIY Advocate

The new self-advocacy tool from Advocacy Centre North

Advocacy Centre North is now called Connected Voice Advocacy (part of the Connected Voice group). If you would like information about DIY Advocate, please click here to go to the Advocacy section on our new website.

Do you work with service-users who could benefit from having an advocate to help them to make sure their voice is heard in decisions concerning them? DIY Advocate can help!

 DIY Advocate is a new app for phones and web. Designed to be an advocate-in-your-pocket, it is a valuable self-advocacy tool to support people who need to engage with services, make choices, resolve issues and make sure their voice is heard in decisions that relate to them.

It offers a way of capturing the different decisions people need to make, formulating an action report for them to keep track of and send to a support worker or service, perhaps as preparation for a meeting or appointment. They can use it to store key contact details and for easy access to a range of relevant resources to support them on the way.

DIY Advocate has been designed by the Team at Connected Voice Advocacy. We have taken our experience of delivering high quality advocacy support and worked with a group of app developers to create an app to help people get their voice heard. 

DIY Advocate is a vital resource for your service if you would like to:

  • Help your service users better engage with your service
  • Help your organisation provide a better service to your service users
  • Help make meetings more efficient and save valuable time

Our packages of training for your staff and volunteers alongside access to the app for your service users will help you to support your service users to become effective self advocates

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