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What people say about us

This website is no longer in use. Advocacy Centre North is now called Connected Voice Advocacy (part of the Connected Voice group). Please click here to go to the Advocacy section on our new website.


What our service users say about us:

Having an Advocate has given me a voice

My advocate is one in a million and more. Without her support I would have given up on life a very long time ago.

Until I got an advocate I felt as if I was up against a massive brick wall

Without my Advocate my life would be a disaster

The help I received came at a time when I could not think clearly and was at a loss as to which direction to take.  I felt I was going round in circles and help from the advocate helped sort out and clarify the matter.

I tried myself to resolve this problem literally for years without any result.  With the help of an Advocate this issue was completely resolved

To have someone with you that helps you to be heard clearly and fairly and understands the complexities of the impact of mental illness cannot be praised enough. It can give you confidence to speak out and show other parties you are not on your own.

I call you my ‘on my side lady’.  You’ll be an ‘on my side lady’ for lots of other people


What other people say about us:

CVA is client-centred but also sensitive to clinical issues and underpinning risk management, friendly, approachable and an asset to the clinical team [Psychiatrist]

Today’s meeting was positive - you can really tell the difference now in how she perceives and reflects and I am sure that is a large part down to your role with her [Social Worker]

Thank you so much for all the support you have given my sister, it has been life changing, not just for her but for the whole family.  Giving her support has actually given her more freedom, independence and confidence [Carer]                   

Had your advocacy service not been around, the patient would have lost all 3 of her children to the care of Children’s Services [Social Worker]

Thank you for doing such a brilliant job.  It just proves how much it helps having you involved [Psychiatrist]

Thank you - your skill at driving the conversation in the direction needed was awesome.  Your input into the success for my Aunt is mega [family member]

She is now more able to attend meetings independently. I could never have envisaged that this would happen

The advocacy role has reduced his level of isolation and helped to reduce potential risks to his tenancy [Housing Officer]